I guess it always seems like you are still dreaming when your dreams are coming true... Being a little girl, I grew up watching all those wonderful warrior-type characters and how incredibly they were brought to life by actors and actresses. I had no idea, of course, what was the process of all this magic to become reality on screen. Now, many years later, I am here in Los Angeles, and the first big project I happened to get into after graduating is this powerful and magnificent Inside the Notebook, directed by Alejandra Hou, written and produced by now my personal heroes Alejandra Hou and Angelica Reyes.


This is not just another story about magic and Pharaohs though... This is something much deeper. Alejandra and Angelica are exploring the themes of abuse and rape, children abandonment, mother-daughter and father-daughter relationships, the excess usage of given power and control...


From: Anastasia Perevozova

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