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After a mysterious storm, Egypt is moved to a new planet away from Earth. There, the Pharaoh decides to impose a law where every kid belongs to him. Istar, the Pharaoh's obsession, decides to return after not seeing her mother for 12 years. Therefore, she will need to survive the obstacles on her way, finding in the process that her mother abandoned her to protect her from the evil Pharaoh.



Istar is a strong and stubborn woman who carries an internal scar caused by her mother's abandonment, which leads her to make dangerous decisions.


Played by Anastasia Perevozova


Bastet is a mysterious woman with supernatural powers who took care of Istar the moment she was abandoned.


Played by Denise Milfort


Istar's mother. She is a strong, kind, and lovely woman who will do anything to protect Istar.


Played by Shabby Yusufzai


Fenuku is the current Pharaoh. He is a disgusting guy with a sexual obsession towards kids, especially Istar.


Played by Jeff Tendall