On a planet located in another galaxy far away from Earth where every child who turns 8 belongs to the Pharaoh, there is Istar, the most wanted girl, who returns to rescuer her mother after 12 years separated.



Istar is a strong and stubborn woman who carries an internal scar caused by her mother's abandonment, which leads her to make dangerous decisions.


Played by Anastasia Perevozova


Bastet is a mysterious woman with supernatural powers who took care of Istar the moment she was abandoned.


Played by Denise Milfort


Istar's mother. She is a strong, kind, and lovely woman who will do anything to protect Istar.


Played by Shabby Yusufzai


Fenuku is the current Pharaoh. He is a disgusting guy with a sexual obsession towards kids, especially Istar.


Played by Jeff Tendall

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